Requisition Table
Order # Accession # Status                   

Upon specimen arrival at Lab Services, specimen is placed into Received status
where then moved to one of the following On Hold, Rejected, PA Pending, Processing

  • Received – Specimen received at lab and billing scrub begins
  • On Hold – Specimen is held for various reasons, details inside Order by clicking on View when In Order Table
  • Processing – Specimen through QA, financial qualification, and PA (if necessary) and approved for processing
  • Rejected – Specimen rejected for various reasons, details inside Order by clicking on View when in Order Table,
    email notification may be sent to the ordering office and the account representative
  • PA Pending – Prior Approval submitted to insurance for coverage approval
    • Specimen rejected reasons; packaged or labeled properly, Past stability, missing identifiers, etc
    • Denial for coverage
      • Denial of services or procedures not covered by the policy
      • Denial because a procedure is considered experimental, cosmetic, investigational, or not medically necessary;
      • Denial because a referral was required;
      • Denial because the patient used an out-of-network provider;
      • Denial for typographical errors;
      • Denial for timeliness
      • Denial due to policy limitations; or
View Print Label Result File First Name Last Name Date of Birth Type Date of Collection Time Physician Name Facility Name Receive Date Ins.Type Insurance Provider Added Date